Gain Control Over Your Psoriasis

A science-based treatment plan using lifestyle & intuitive eating

About the Book

Finally gain back control of your life and thrive in clearer skin!

Stop living in so much pain, and start self-healing by harnessing the power of the latest psoriasis science and research. Make peace with your body by learning your psoriasis triggers, not by attempting to follow some unproven highly restrictive psoriasis diet which inevitably will leave you feeling even more stressed out and exhausted. Let a true nutrition expert and fellow psoriasis sufferer reveal how you can heal using food.

When registered dietitian-nutritionist Caylee Clay was diagnosed with psoriasis, she soon discovered how little modern medicine offers for relief, and quickly tired of hearing how there is no “cure” and no clear “causes” for psoriasis. Instead, she used her training and experience as a medical provider to find answers. The result? Caylee has experienced complete remission from her own psoriasis, due exclusively to the info in this book.

Now a leader in the field of psoriasis and nutrition, Caylee offers a groundbreaking approach to healing psoriasis. Gain Control Over Your Psoriasis puts you on the path of self-healing using science, not guesswork. You will learn how to identify your triggers, reduce your psoriasis symptoms and pain, plus support the healing process without dieting. Harness the revolutionary intuitive eating program to avoid the trap of disordered eating or obsessing over food as a misguided attempt to feel better and find relief.

This holistic approach to healing psoriasis is organized into five easy strategies, where you will discover:

  1. Nourishing foods and nutrients to eat more of
  2. The power of meal timing
  3. How to identify your individual food sensitivities
  4. Universal food triggers to reduce, and
  5. Beneficial lifestyle modifications.

Quit guessing when it comes to your psoriasis, and instead let science guide your healing process!


Praise for Gain Control Over Your Psoriasis

“SO HELPFUL!! And I’m not even done with it yet! I am about halfway through and have already unlocked some amazing insights about my psoriasis – like why my recent flare happened, ways to continue to heal from the inside out, and how to integrate new practices in my life that help me to balance triggers with like – still living my life. It’s all so clearly explained, and it’s also clear that Caylee has spent a lot of time with this topic, in her own life and in her practice, so there is no shame or anxiety as it feel like we are learning together. I am so excited to finish and see what else I can find out and try out!”

– Chelsea Long, psoriasis sufferer

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