My Personal Journey:
Healing Psoriasis Naturally

After years of figuring out what exactly causes my psoriasis,
I finally have healed my chronic elbow patches!

In honor of psoriasis awareness month, I wanted to share some more photos of my own psoriasis. Over the past 5 years, I’ve experienced periods of chronic patches lasting for years each on my elbows, forearms, ankles, feet, & inside my belly button (gah!). I’ve also had many periods of transient patches, that pop up most frequently on my face but also my toes, wrist, & upper arm.

Circa 2016, when I had 2 chronic psoriasis patches on each arm.

Treating my suspected chronic intestinal fungal infection with anti-fungal herbs allowed me to greatly reduce the four chronic patches I had on my elbows & forearms to just one little tiny patch on one elbow. Significantly reducing my stress (hello having the privilege to quit my dangerously stressful job & start a yoga teacher training!) has allowed me to completely heal my ankle & feet patches. Now, I am nursing very small patches that come & go on one elbow & in my belly button – a WORLD of difference!! I hope to one day find full remission from my psoriasis, using only natural methods.

Healing up! Tiny psoriasis patch - about 2 months ago.

My professional opinion is to NEVER doubt the body’s ability to heal itself. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition – so learn everything you can about supporting & healing your immune system. Eating well & regularly, getting enough sleep, managing outside stressors as much as possible, meditating or participating in any activity that makes you experience “flow”, moderate exercise, checking your vitamin D levels, & treating any concurrent chronic infections are some ideas to get you started on supporting your immune system for optimal healing & disease management. As I continue to research & learn more on this topic, I will be sure to share my findings!

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me. My only goals are to inform & inspire!

Psoriasis on my foot about 2 months ago - now healed!

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