Living with psoriasis is no small feat.

Whether you are experiencing:
  • aching skin, 
  • feeling depressed over the endless flare ups, 
  • being tired of “band-aid” prescriptions from various health practitioners, 
  • embarrassment to show your skin, or 
  • attempting to understand what causes your flare ups and remissions

– there is no doubt that living with psoriasis is difficult.

As a psoriasis sufferer myself, 
I know exactly how miserable this autoimmune disease can make you feel.

The truth is that even though other health practitioners would like to do more than just offer medications that mask the symptoms instead of dealing with the root problems – they don’t know how.

This is what makes me different:

as a psoriasis sufferer myself,
I know
how to help you.

I went from having five chronic patches of painful psoriasis plus various flare ups all over my body, to now having ZERO chronic patches. My goal is to share what I’ve learned with anyone else suffering from psoriasis. 

I want you to have control over your psoriasis severity, understand your triggers, and live your best life without psoriasis interfering! 

My personal health journey of healing my own psoriasis has been a long and winding path, but along the way I learned an incredible wealth of techniques, strategies, and coping mechanisms to reduce psoriasis.

At the heart of what I learned is: The way to heal your psoriasis lies in healing your intestinal tract. About 80% of our immune system lies in our digestive tract, so by focusing on healing these areas we also heal our immune system. As I always say, the body is connected to itself!

This type of healing is long term – but it is a process, not an overnight cure

It is critical to work towards improving other areas of health such as: the functioning of your liver, adrenal glands, and nervous system. You may experience additional benefits, such as improvements in brain health, joint pain, and hormonal balance. Additional health concerns may become apparent, such as concurrent infections. 

This may sound overwhelming – probably because it is overwhelming! That’s where I come in.

As a health care practitioner who has healed their own psoriasis from within, my passion is to be your guide towards a better life.

A life with LESS pain, embarrassment, shame, depression, medications –

plus MORE health, knowledge, and tools to live in peace with your psoriasis.

Are you ready to get your psoriasis
under control by using the food you eat?