What Clients Are Saying:

Caylee is a brilliant and knowledgeable dietician. She is passionate about nutrition science and apply holistic approach to my issues. I enjoy working with her and I saw amazing results after the first session. Her service is top notch and I recommend her to my family and friends without reservations.

          – N. B. in New York, NY


I had never been to a dietitian before, so I did not know what to expect. Caylee made me feel comfortable right awayShe listened to all of my concerns and took the time to address each one of them individually, no matter what. She gave me a greater understanding of food and nutrition, and made it so much more simple than I thought possible. Caylee made everything seem attainable, and helped me work through many bad habits that I had learned through years of bad advice from the internet. She was easy to talk to, friendly, genuinely interested in helping me learn and succeed, and I would recommend her to everyone!

          – K. N. in New York, NY

Caylee was wonderful and provided a intuitive nutritional plan of eating. She was helpful in highlighting patterns of behavior and food consumption that weren’t serving me, but did so in a thoughtful and gentle manner. I highly recommend Caylee and think she is a great nutritionist for anyone who is looking for a soft, intuitive approach to nutrition.

          – E. T. in New York, NY

I highly recommend Caylee if you’re looking for a dietitian. She is focused, attentive, and a good listener. She paid close attention when I described my symptoms and issues, and wasn’t distracted or thinking about something else during the appointment. She is well informed on nutrition topics and her advice is logical, reasonable, and appropriate. She takes your goals and turns them into manageable steps so it doesn’t seem so daunting to try and make all these changes at once. She encourages you to work on a few smaller steps at a time so you can establish new healthy habits, then she gently pushes you to take it a step further once you’ve accomplished the first step. Our appointments are relaxed yet professional, and she’s very willing to put in extra work after the appointment to find out more info and provide better tips. She sends an email at the end of each appointment with goals you established together listed, which is extremely helpful.

          – C. C. in Denver, CO


Caylee Clay has a very light-hearted and deeply caring approach to her work. During our sessions, she patiently answers all of my questions and has a wonderful depth of nutrition knowledge. She customized a great plan for me and looked for ways to help me enjoy food while achieving my goals, even sending me great recipes. I highly recommend working with her to achieve your nutrition goals while feeling seen and heard.

          – M. I. in New York, NY

Caylee was friendly, really thorough, and took a lot of time with me during our sessions. Afterward, she sent me clear followup emails with realistic goals and guided me toward practical changes that have been attainable and easy to implement so far.

          – G. T. in New York, NY

Caylee helped me establish goals that put me on the right path towards eating better. We made list of goals each week, and added to it the following week. If a goal isn’t completed by my next appointment, then we keep working towards it and never lose sight of the goals. She helped me identify simple ways to eat healthier, like adding fruit to oatmeal. She reminded me of the healthy foods I like to eat, and also incorporated physical activity

          – A. A. in New York, NY


Thank you, Caylee! My appointment was so helpful and extremely informative. So glad I took the step to meet with her.

          – E. B. in New York, NY


We have enjoyed working with Caylee for my son. Not only does she recommend great advice that is tailored specifically for my son’s dietary needs, she is also warm and engaging.  We also love that her approach to thinking mindfully about food and health fits into our crazy family schedule. We highly recommend Caylee!

          – V. H. in New York, NY


Very good consultation with Caylee, took her time to listen to your needs.

          – Diana in New York, NY